Customer Focus

Outstanding service is the foundation of our business. We focus on the customer, backing our innovative payroll solutions with superior, responsive, and personal service and support. We strive to develop solutions that exceed each and every customer’s needs and expectations. (Read more about us and our team).

At PayPro HCS we understand your business and will create solutions that fit your needs. Our software gives you all the features you will need to effectively and effortlessly manage your payroll information.

The difference made by our customer focus is reflected by a 95% customer satisfaction rate and one of the industry’s highest customer retention rates. Rarely do companies leave after experiencing the benefits of our innovative software and exceptional customer focus — and most come to us through customer referrals.


Our Customers

More than 2 out of 3 of our clients have left other payroll services in favor of PayPro HCS. They are drawn to us because we create solutions that automate critical processes, meet their unique needs, and improve productivity. They stay because we provide exceptional customer service.

We have one of the industry’s highest retention rates, and our customer satisfaction rate is so high that, according to a recent independent survey, 95% would recommend PayPro HCS to a friend. Read what our customers say below.


Trusted by the best

Over 5 million employees and 100,000 employers are reaching their full potential with iSolved human capital management software.

“We’re not seen as a number like we were with other large payroll providers we used in the past. PayPro has much better service.”


“All of my managers are very excited to be working with PayPro. They feel the new system is much faster and easier to use.”


“PayPro has not just been a payroll processor for us. They’ve been a partner. The knowledge of their staff helps our company maintain compliance in many areas, while working more efficiently and effectively to meet our objectives.”


“PayPro integration was smooth and the transition process was easy. The level of service we received, and still receive, is incredible. Everyone has been friendly, responsive, and informative.”