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Streamline hiring and do it in record time.

There is so much work involved in filling a role. You have to craft a compelling job posting and get it in the right places. You have to review resumes, interview, and navigate onboarding obstacles once you’ve found your ideal candidate. What if you could drastically reduce this workload and speed up the entire process?

  • Post to hundreds of job boards with a single click.
  • Organize your hiring process.
  • Attract better candidates.
  • Reduce time to hire.
  • Decrease cost per hire.
  • Improve the applicant experience.
  • Create collaboration across hiring teams.

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Make employee onboarding a more positive experience.

  • Provide a great user experience to your new team members.
  • Keep track of all the paperwork, including I-9 forms.
  • Increase data consistency.
  • Help new hires quickly go from orientation to making a difference.

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Employee Calendar



Paying your employees has never been easier, faster, or more secure.

  • Get big picture views of your payroll data.
  • With a single sign-on, manage your Payroll, Time & Attendance, HR, and Benefit Enrollment. With over 300 standard reports and a simple report writer, all of your data is available to you within minutes.
  • Total Compensation Statements give employees a clear view of things like gross pay, holiday, and PTO.

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Payroll Run Schedule

Time & Attendance

Flexible Time and Attendance system to accommodate your complex payroll structure.

  • Easily track time off requests in one place.
  • See scheduled and worked time at a glance with the time card view.
  • Employees can see their PTO and accrual balances.
  • Create schedules that your employees can view on Employee Self-Service.

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Time Card

Human Resources

HR tools to strengthen your workforce and streamline your workflows.

  • Executive dashboard gives you key performance metrics of your organization at a glance.
  • Track OSHA incidents and other employee records to ensure you’re compliant.
  • Let employees know about new policy updates without filling up their inbox.
  • Easily manage Performance Reviews and ACA Compliance.

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Employee Landing (2)-1

Benefits Enrollment

Make managing your benefits a breeze.

  • Make open enrollment smoother and ACA compliance easier.
  • See a convenient breakdown of various benefit plans to make it simpler to choose the right plan.
  • Cost benefit comparisons make enrollment less complicated for your employees.
  • Simple-to-understand summary of benefits for confirmation.

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Client Benefit Enrollment Setup



Help your employees learn new skills to stay competitive, productive, and profitable.

  • Choose from dozens of courses and create paths and certifications that are relevant to your company and field.
  • Multiple learning styles: short videos, gamification, and interactive tutorials.
  • Improve your employees’ job performance with skills that are tailored to your organization.
  • Use learning to boost employee engagement, provide professional development, upskill, and improve compliance.
  • Create teams and assign courses based on roles and responsibilities.
  • You can also create custom courses for certain teams within your organization.

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LMS My Dashboard

Employ, Enable, & Empower with the HR and Payroll platform that does it all!

What’s can the isolved Platform do your business?

  • Process payroll more easily, accurately, & effectively.
  • Collect, manage, & process employee time and attendance data more effectively.
  • Manage & strengthen your HR with configurable reporting, executive dashboards & streamlined reporting. 
  • Smooth out the the complex task of Employee Benefits Administration.
  • And much more!
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