Preferred Referral Partnership Program

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PayPro specializes in helping Partners retain their block of business and not lose valuable clients to other payroll companies interested in replacing your business. We don’t compete with our Partners, and do not have an insurance agency. Therefore, if we are in the driver’s seat on the payroll service, it will be very difficult for a payroll company to take an AOR on your accounts.



PayPro assists Partners in growing their block of business by helping companies unbundle from leasing or PEO type arrangements. Because PayPro provides Human Capital Management services, excluding insurance, we can provide a solution to the customer that is in most cases 15% to 50% less than what the PEO or leasing company is charging.



PayPro is in the “Partner Business”. Our goal is to also provide a fair and consistent revenue share with our Partners that provide an additional revenue stream on all referred business. This revenue is paid monthly off of the gross revenue we collect from the referred customer. Taking care of our Partners is our primary goal.

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