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The COBRA law is over 30 years old, yet the administration and compliance for it isn’t much easier today than when the law was new. Employee benefits as a whole are becoming more complicated and challenging every year. As an employer, you must maintain documentation, update required and distribute notices, track dates, and keep up with legislative and regulatory changes to stay in compliance.

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COBRA can be a stand alone service or you can use it in conjunction with our payroll services. Upon the termination of an employee in payroll, COBRA administration is automatically initiated!

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Our COBRA Service Includes:

COBRA Initial Notice Icon

New Enrollee Notices

COBRA Qualifying Events

Qualifying Event Notices

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Premium Collection

COBRA Eligibility Tracking

Eligibility Management

Unsure About Your COBRA Compliance?

We have the all-in-one guide about everything related to COBRA. Access our COBRA administration guide now to learn what you may be missing and how our benefits services can make compliance easier.

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