Practice Blameless Problem Solving

by PayPro, on Apr 23, 2021 9:37:00 AM

When someone brings a problem to you that you may have created, what is your first reaction?

  1. Feel Defensive?
  2. Look for ways that someone else may have caused the problem?
  3. First look for ways to resolve and then look for ways to keep the problem from occurring in the future?

When you take a problem to someone to determine how to resolve the problem do you start with:

  1. It appears you entered the data wrong?
  2. Did you really understand the issue before you resolved it?
  3. The client has a challenge – how do we resolve it?

I would like to suggest that conversations that begin with the spirit of the following –

Let’s work together to determine how to resolve the problem and then work together to find ways to reduce this type of issue in the future.

This type of statement takes away blame and creates a team approach as to resolution. How much more would we all accomplish if we decide to not cast blame or if we don’t look for ways to defend ourselves?

The goal is teamwork.

The goal is problem resolution.

The goal is to learn from the challenge.

I challenge each of you to look for ways to approach problems in a “blameless way," the PayPro Way.

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