Fundamental Culture Rewind: Making Quality Personal

by PayPro, on Feb 26, 2021 7:37:00 AM

Let's see... we launched the new PayPro website, created new marketing material, rolled out a new CRM for sales AND operations, and celebrated our 25th anniversary.

Yeah, I'd say last year was a big year for the PayPro team. 

All of these significant events were a reflection of our culture who we are and what we say to those we serve. What do people to say about us when they think about our brand, PayPro?

Trusted Like A Loyal Friend.  Bernese-Mountain-Dog_200x197

That's what we've been striving for with our clients, a relationship and service built on trust.

By investing in the right website and digital tools for us to perform our jobs better and with more efficiency in this increasingly digital world, our owners made life easier and invested in each of the PayPro team members' future. Through cutting-edge software combined with an outsourced service model (just like we offer our customers with payroll and human capital solutions 😊), they were essentially sending a message to each of us that quality matters... and that we matter! 

When we celebrated the past 25 years of our history with our most loyal and long-standing clients, we were sending a message of gratitude and appreciation for their support.

Now, what are we saying to those that we serve over the next 25 years?

Make quality personal and live our mission to be trusted like a loyal friend. Strive to be a good friend, because...

Friends bring quality and importance to our lives. We can trust them to have our best interests in mind and make us feel good regardless of what's going on around us.

I challenge each of you to make it a priority to "become our brand"... strive to always become a better friend to each other, our clients, and our communities - be kind, be helpful, and make others happy!   
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